Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bele-Chere takes over downtown this weekend and we are going to be right in the center of the debauchery. Doc Aquatic is playing tomorrow night at the Emerald Lounge with modo @ 10pm. This is Doc's first year living in Asheville during the festivities so we really have no clue what to expect other than a bunch of drunk people littering the once clean streets.

Big News

I was walking around downtown two days ago bored as hell when I passed this small pawn shop on Broadway. Immediately a bass guitar in the window caught my eye, this guitar was a sweet old looking Gibson EB-3 (sg bass). I got back to the house (the lion's den) where Charles was informed about my find. We gathered two basses and went to the pawn shop where we haggled....haggled... and haggled until he agreed to trade us the bass. The price for the bass at the pawnshop was $575, which I knew was WAY under the actual price.......we could tell the bass was very old but had no clue how old it really was. The salesman pulls out the bass case, which looked like it had been around the world, and thats when I knew we were totally ripping the guy off (and I felt perfectly fine). We get this bass home, do some homework on it and were actually able to date the bass back to 1964!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The actual value of this guitar is....A LOT, I really don't want to say how lets just say that we could buy a pretty nice car.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We recently had a gig in Atlanta in the vibrant Little Five Points part of town at a venue called The Five Spot. The show went really well and we were able to see some friends we haven't seen in a while. Besides that the highlight of the trip was the breakfast we enjoyed at the famous Silver Skillet. Hungover and running on little sleep we prepared for the long haul back to Asheville with hefty portions of greasy breakfast food and way too much coffee. Here is a pic of Charles and I deciding what to order and learning Silver Skillet facts such as....Val Kilmer filmed a scene for a movie there because the decor hasn't changed much since the 50s when it opened....Dave Chapelle (one of our fav comedians) has eaten there....TLC filmed their last music video there(wow!!!! heavy shit!!!!)....the list of cool facts could go on but those will do I reckon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here is an old picture from the cold ass winter this year in Boone. We are playing at the always enjoyable Boone Saloon. It was dumping snow outside and for some reason I did not bring a proper coat. Zaq Suarez took this picture from the back of the club....great angle that only a giant like Zaq can get at a concert.

Doc Aquatic Cherry Poppin' Blog

Hello World...Wide....Web- we really done it this time. Doc Aquatic have become bloggers! We felt a blog would be a useful means of contact with.....well..... YOU. We're big fans of periods( not the bloody kind, unless we thought she/they were pregnant(whew)). We have a show coming up this friday the 23rd at The Emerald Lounge, dtwn Asheville, during Bele-Chere with the super dreamy band MODO. It will more than likely be the highlight of Bele-Chere, so don't waste your time elsewhere......(periods) see you there, period.

Ohhhhh yeah we just got a microkorg, so if anyone has any good tips on its use let us know